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The municipality of Meland is situated to the north/west of Bergen, - the “capital” of western Norway. The municipality in itself is an island, - surrounded by fjords, but connected to the mainland by the floating bridge (Nordhordlandsbrua).This bridge is part of the main road which runs along the western coast of Norway (E39).

The distance from the municipality center Frekhaug to Bergen is about 30 minutes by car or by bus. Public transportation also includes the express boat between Frekhaug and the center of Bergen.

Geographical Facts

  • Acreage: 90,4 square kilometers
  • Nearly half of the acreage is woodland
  • Agricultural acreage: 13%
  • Highest mountain: Eldsfjellet, 324 m above sea level

The municipality is part of the Nordhordland Region, and The Region Board administers a wide range of practical measures of co-operation. In some cases, there is also established a hosting-system between the municipalities in the region, e.g. the fire-brigade or the public emergency clinic, which both are hosted by the municipality of Lindås. Child care is hosted by the municipality of Radøy. There are about 50 000 inhabitants in the Nordhordland Region.

About 8 100 people live in Meland. The population is quite young,- with 1/3 under 18 years. From 1. of January 2020 the three municipalities Lindås, Meland and Radøy will merge and form a new municipality called Alver.

There are some quite large industrial factories, but a large part of the work force are commuters, -  most of them work in Bergen.

The municipality itself is an important place of work. There are 3 primary schools in Meland, one secondary school and one combined primary/secondary, total number of pupils is about 1000. Most of the nursery schools are private, - only one is run by the municipality. There are two medical centers in Meland: Frekhaug legesenter and Helsenaustet legesenter.

The largest folk highschool in Norway is situated at Frekhaug: Nordhordland Folkehøgkole, with approx.150 students each year.

Meland Golf Course at Fløksand is ranged as one of the best 18- hole golf courses in Europe.

The Coat of Arms

The coat of arms presentsa gimlet, - a tool for making holes in wood. The gimlets have been made by the local blacksmiths since long time ago, and they are still in production. They have some symbolic aspects attached to them: Quality, hard work and careful effort!

Important telephone-numbers

  • Information office/Town Hall: (+ 47) 56 17 10 00
  • Medical center (during office hours): (+ 47) 56 17 11 10
  • Emergency help (during office hours): (+ 47) 56 17 11 13
  • Emergency help (after office hours): (+ 47) 56 35 10 03
  • Technical support after office hours (e.g. water supplies, draining systems, etc.): (+47) 900 92 643

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